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Birthdate:Dec 25
Location:Panhandle Reigon, Florida, United States of America
Je suis ce que je suis, mais si je suis ce que je suis, qu'est-ce que je suis?

Interests (97):

90s nostalgia, absurd conspiracy theories, academia, aclu, activism, adhd, agnosticism, all kinds of music, animal welfare, anime & manga, bara, bears, being classier than thou, bipolar disorder, caffeine, campy things, cheesy gay romance, citing sources, collecting quotes, computer programming, computers, constructed languages, contradicting myself, cosmetology, counting backwards from infinity, debian, erin camilla thomas, everything tolkien, feminism, finding myself, floss, français, free culture, fstdt, gender studies, giving haters the hand, glossopoeia, gnu/linux, grammar, headphones, historical linguistics, inside jokes, internet culture, introspection, irc, lgbt equality, literature, lupus, making lists, male bonding, mansex, mathematics, mocking tumblr "social-justice warriors", mookitty/princess otp, nerdiness, neutral good, night vale, not mindlessly hating furries, npr, old-school video games, outsider culture, pbs, public broadcasting, queer culture, queer theory, quirkyalone, role-playing games, saying "excuse-toi", self-acceptance, social justice, southern poverty law center, stealthily referencing memes irl, strategy games, suomi, surreal humor, swearing in foreign languages, the paranormal, the radical gay agenda, throwing shade, trainwreck syndrome, tv tropes, ufo crazies, warm and fuzzy feelings, web development, weird news, well-sourced arguments, well-timed precision f strikes, wetshaving, wikipedia, wildlife conservation, windy days, world-building, writing, , , ,
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