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spikedee ([personal profile] spikedee) wrote2014-05-29 11:17 am

Attack of the second post

And I have been spamming this song nonstop for the past, what, eight hours because, well, maybe I’m crazy~

Still trying to do something with the style/CSS. I should do a to-do list for this thing-a-ma-jig too:

  • Finish tweaking the style. (ETA: Yeah, I am going to have to just roll my own CSS altogether to tweak this to my liking. Rebooting the style until then.)
  • Tweak some other preferences to my taste.
  • Import a few entries from old places so it doesn't feel so awkward and lonely.
  • Laugh at my awful n00b French in the process. I have one old emotastic eljay post that is absolutely ridiculous in its own right, but the gratuitous second-semester French really makes it something truly special.

Given that I haven’t been journaling in, like, two years—more if you mean in a half-serious capacity—there’s also lots of ~heart-spilling~ and what-have-you to do.

Also thought about finding a new icon. I have seriously used this one on-and-off as an avatar on various sites longer than I can remember. It may be approaching ten years now. But I like it. I ♥ EarthBound. It’ll always be one of my favorite video games.

Apparently there also exist Tumblr-style SJW wackos here too, or so I stumbled upon one doozy of a post. I’ll do the classy thing and leave it at that, even if sharing is caring, and it would truly be worthy of Tumblr dot TXT if this were, y’know, actually Tumblr, which seems to be becoming a sort of left-wing equivalent of FSTDT, except the posters submit their own quotes and try to out-fundie each other. As a left-of-center individual, this pains me.