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spikedee ([personal profile] spikedee) wrote2014-05-28 05:17 am

First post!

Posting this so I can test some CSS.

This is a blockquote.

This is a nested blockquote

And oh boy is it nested.

Ce ver vert sévère sait verser ses verres verts.

I may or may not have given myself a headache.

This is a paragraph underneath a block quote

Here is a list:

  • une
  • deux
  • trois
  • quatre
  • cinq is sank because if you say sink, you're sunk.

Here is a definition list:


Warm cuddly purrboxes.

Coucou ! Tu veux voir ma bite ?

Va-t'en, pervers.

Pourquoi est-ce que tu parles français ?

Parce que je l'adore.

And this is a final paragraph under the lists.

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